Sunday, July 23, 2017

Main Street Child Development Center

Main Street Child Development Center is family owned and operated. The center is owned by Pamela Squires, who also serves as the centers assistant director, and is directed by Marina Santos. We are committed to providing a high quality standard of developmentally, culturally, and indivudally appropriate early care and education for you and your child.

The mission of Main Street Child Development Center is to prepare, nurture, and feed the growing minds of each and every child that comes into our inclusive community of care. Here at Main Street Child Development Center, we strive to foster the healthy positive growth and development of each child. This is done by creating safe, secure, diverse, developmentally appropriate, inclusive, and nurturing learning environments that support a community of diverse learners and families. Our school aims to support all domains of learning and the individual needs of each and every unique child in our care. We also utilize a balance of adult and child guided activities and happenings and all rooms and activities are developmentally appropriate, individually appropriate, and culturally appropriate. We believe that each and every family comes to us with varying needs, skills, and abilities. All families and children who come to us are valued and are to be respected, cherished, and included in all facets of their child’s education.


Days and Hours of Operation:

Monday- Friday   7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Dates and Times Closed for Holidays:

New Year’s closing              Labor Day

Memorial Day                     Thanksgiving – Thurs. and Fri

Independence Day             Christmas Closings

January 20, 2017  Closed for SCECA-South Carolina Early Childhood Association: our annual teacher training on Friday.